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The INRAE ETTIS (Environment, Territories in Transition, Infrastructures, Societies) research unit is an interdisciplinary research unit located in Bordeaux. It focuses its studies on regional dynamics linked to the renewal of environmental issues and climate change. The ETTIS research unit favors interdisciplinary approaches that combine human and social sciences with agronomy, statistics, applied mathematics and engineering science.

Within this research unit, one of the two teams named “Environment, Stakeholders and regional Dynamics” conducts integrative and interdisciplinary research that focuses on understanding and describing productivity (especially in the domains of agriculture). Ongoing projects focus on the greening of socio-economic processes and public action, especially concerning environmental performance of agriculture at different spatial scales. Within the agriculture and agrocecological transition axis, the research developed is part of a multidisciplinary approach to question the agroecological transition of agriculture. In particular, they develop methods for evaluating overall performance in order to take into account the sustainability of farming systems and to accompany changes in agricultural practices towards agroecological transition, using multi-criteria assessment methods.

The IDEA4 method (Indicateurs de Durabilité des Exploitations Agricoles version 4 ), whose development is coordinated by the ETTIS unit, is a diagnostic method for assessing the sustainability of farms. It is used in some of the project's territories to conduct case studies (for more information:
The main participants involved in the project are: Frédéric Zahm (agro-economist), David Carayon (statistician) and Sydney Girard (agricultural engineer, associate member of the unit).
The total number of staff is around 60 (including post-docs and PhD students).

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