UMR Agronomy

UMR Agronomy INRAE, AgroParisTech, Paris-Saclay University

The general objective of our unit is to conduct research projects, teaching activities, and expertise on the assessment and design of sustainable cropping systems. An original feature of our work is to conduct all these activities at very different scales, from the field scale to the global scale.

Research activities are conducted to show how biological mechanisms could be used to replace chemical or physical inputs, or to interact favourably with them. Our results show that crop diversification and biological regulation (biocontrol and agronomic interaction) in agroecosystems can be enhanced to achieve both a high level of food production and to provide ecosystem services. We also combined those research with activities of design and assessment of agri-food systems, especially with important collaboration with stakeholders.

Therefore we also produce resources (i.e. experimental results, methods, tools, knowledge) to support the design and assessment of systems addressing numerous and complex issues. We evaluate and design cropping systems, but also develop varietal ideotypes, decision support tools to manage crops, and assess different types of landscape organizations of cropping systems. Both our skills in terms of academic research and close collaboration with stakeholders are of particular relevance for BE-CREATIVE.

The main participants are: Muriel Valantin Morison, Antoine Gardarin, Raymond Reau, Paola Salazar, Foteini Paschalidou, Olivier Réchauchère, Corentin Barbu, Michel Bertrand, Rémy Ballot, Marie-Hélène Jeuffroy, Arnaud Butier, Eléonore Courteau.

The total number of the staff is around 45, PhD and post-doc people included.

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