UMR INNOVATION INRAE - AgroSup Montpellier - Cirad


UMR INNOVATION INRAE - AgroSup Montpellier - Cirad

Members of the research unit Innovation focus on the innovation processes in farming and food systems. Agronomists and geographers of the research unit work on the construction and testing of methods for the participatory design and assessment of scenarios to face the possible future evolution of one or several uncertain factors along agroecological transitions.

These methods, from the identification and enrolment of local stakeholders, to the qualitative and quantitative assessment of co-designed scenarios, aim at empowering local stakeholders towards the possible (un-) desirable futures, their consequences and possible conditions (e.g., evolution of public policies, e.g. CAP). The diversity of questions, contexts, and intervention possibilities lead us to design specific methods to favor the interaction between the local stakeholders, the research team, and the assessment tools, towards the design of innovative sustainable strategies at different scales (plot, farm, territory).

Those experiences and methods will be used in Be-Creative to favor (1) the participation of local stakeholders, (2) the creativity of stakeholders, e.g. through specific inputs of stakeholders from different territories, or specialized researchers, and (3) the combination of scales in adapted assessment tools.

The main participants are: Laure Hossard, Marc Moraine and Christophe Soulard.

The total number of the staff is around 120, PhD and post-doc people included.

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